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Graduate Women in CMS

Computing + Mathematical Sciences

Mission Statement

We are a group of women graduate students and postdocs primarily affiliated with the Computing + Mathematical Sciences (CMS) department at Caltech. Our steering committee brainstorms and plans events and initiatives aimed at creating a welcoming and supportive environment for our members, and advertises these events via our main mailing list.

We welcome all women* in the Caltech community who are interested in the Computing + Mathematical Sciences, regardless of which department you are officially associated with. Our mailing list includes CMS students as well as students from other departments including Mechanical and Civil Engineering (MCE) and Electrical Engineering (EE). If you wish to join our mailing list, please refer to our contacts page.

* We use an inclusive definition of "woman" that includes anyone who self-identifies as a woman or is interested in a women-focused space!

What We Do

We organize quarterly get-togethers (with food!) for women on our mailing list where we chat and sometimes play games. We occasionally invite a faculty member or alumnus to the gathering to talk with us about work, life, and other topics. New suggestions for event ideas are always welcome!

Upcoming Events

More in-person events are in the works!